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We Can Restore Your Transmission for Peak Performance

To ensure your vehicle operates optimally when you go for a drive around town or embark on an interstate road trip, you need all of its components to function properly. Among the most essential parts under your car’s hood is the transmission. If anything should go awry with it, bring your automobile to Discount Brake & Auto Repair in Conroe, TX for transmission repair services. Your transmission takes power from the engine or motor and delivers it to the wheels to enable you to drive at your desired speed. But because it has so many moving pieces and gears, it is vulnerable to malfunctioning over time. A faulty transmission can cause you to lose fuel economy or even the ability to drive at all. Please peruse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about transmission repair below, and be sure to call us with any other queries.

How Will I Know I Need Transmission Repairs?

If you need transmission repairs, you will know almost immediately. Because your transmission is such a vital component to your vehicle’s operation, there is a litany of warning signs when something is amiss. Your transmission helps you shift gears and provides power for acceleration. If you notice issues with either, bring your vehicle to Discount Brake & Auto Repair immediately. Quick action can minimize your repair costs and get you back on the road quickly. Warning signs related to transmission problems include:

  • A burning smell from under the hood
  • Grinding sounds when shifting gears
  • Shaking when shifting gears
  • Fluid leaks
  • Poor acceleration
When Should I Check My Transmission Fluid?

It is good practice to check your transmission fluid at least once a month. Furthermore, if you notice any hesitation when shifting gears, it would be a good idea to check your fluid levels. Low or dirty transmission fluid can lead to many of the same problems as a faulty transmission itself. We can inspect your levels at our shop in Conroe, TX or you can do it yourself before scheduling an appointment for transmission repairs.

What Happens if Fluid Leaks from My Transmission?

Transmission fluid is slightly pink in color. However, if it is dirty, it may appear brown. It is slick and oily to the touch, which is why it is effective at helping your vehicle perform. Transmission fluid leaks are often recognizable because of the unique color of their puddles. If you notice reddish liquid pooling beneath the front or middle of your automobile, it is most likely transmission fluid. Other clues that your transmission fluid is leaking include difficulty shifting gears or unusual noises when you accelerate. These signs are reasons to bring your car to our shop right away. By addressing the problem and repairing the leak quickly, we can save you money now and in the long run.

What Is a Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is meant to flush out any debris that could be hindering performance. However, flushing older transmissions can cause harmful sediment to get stuck in your machine and cause more significant problems. Discount Brake & Auto Repair instead advocates for regular maintenance to extend your transmission’s lifespan and help your car perform at its best.

What Do Transmission Repairs Entail?

The ASE-certified technicians at Discount Brake & Auto Repair are trained to diagnose, maintain, and repair transmissions. We have extensive experience dealing with all makes and models of vehicles. Our team understands the hassle of being without a car for any period of time, so we are committed to working quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road. After you drive or tow your vehicle to our transmission repair shop in Conroe, TX, we will promptly run diagnostics tests to identify what is wrong with your transmission. With this knowledge, our mechanics will use their expertise to remedy the issue so that you can return to the open road.

How Much Do Transmission Repairs Cost?

Transmission repair costs can vary depending on the severity of your issue. Sometimes, they can be a significant investment. But we promise never to perform services that are not absolutely necessary to keep your car safe and efficient. Transmissions have dozens of moving pieces that all must work together for a smooth operation. Our goal is to repair your transmission completely and affordably. We will explain your circumstances and provide an estimate before beginning any repairs.

Contact Discount Brake & Auto Repair Today

Your vehicle’s transmission is among its most important components. If it does not function properly, you may not be able to accelerate or shift gears. But Discount Brake & Auto Repair can help. We perform comprehensive transmission repair services at our shop in Conroe, TX. Our team is proud to help drivers from Conroe, Willis, Houston, The Woodlands, Magnolia, and Montgomery get back behind the wheel of their vehicles. When something goes wrong with your transmission, do not delay. Contact us immediately to schedule transmission repairs.