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We Will Ensure Your Vehicle Performs Its Best

Just like you need to visit a doctor or dentist on a regular basis, your car needs regular maintenance from a professional mechanic to ensure optimal performance. Discount Brake & Auto Repair is a one-stop-shop for auto maintenance services in Conroe, TX. We have a team of ASE-certified technicians capable of performing everything from wheel alignments to oil changes. Your vehicle is among your most significant investments, so you should treat it with care. With regular auto maintenance, you will be able to depend on your car for transportation to and from work, the grocery store, or long-distance road trip destinations for years to come. For more information about auto maintenance, please peruse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free also to call us with any queries of your own.

How Often Do I Need Auto Maintenance?

The frequency of your auto maintenance services will vary depending on the components that need attention. You should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles. You should have complete car tune-ups roughly every 30,000 miles. But other services will be on more of an as-needed basis. Discount Brake & Auto Repair would be happy to perform an inspection on your vehicle to identify any areas for concern.

Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

Yes. To ensure that we can service your car quickly and efficiently, we ask that you schedule an appointment at our auto body shop in Conroe, TX. Our team is happy to work around your schedule so that you do not have to disrupt your routine. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., so let us know a time that works best for you.

What Are Common Auto Maintenance Services?

Auto maintenance services run the gamut from tire rotations to oil changes and much more. If any of your car’s components are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, our technicians can quickly remedy the issue to ensure your safety. Among our most common maintenance services are:

  • Oil changes
  • Changing air and fuel filters
  • Testing batteries
  • Maintaining brake, coolant, and transmission fluids
  • Flushing power steering fluid
  • Replacing timing belts
  • Inspecting and replacing spark plugs
What Do I Need to Know About Oil Changes?

The best way to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently is by ensuring it has clean oil. We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles to maintain peak performance. When you are approaching that milestone, schedule an appointment at our shop so that our ASE-certified technicians can quickly change your oil and get you back on the road. We will explain the different types of motor oil to ensure you select the variety that is ideal for your automobile. After changing your oil, we will reset the engine oil life system in your car so that the “Change Engine Oil” display illuminates on schedule.

When Should I Rotate My Tires?

We recommend rotating your tires roughly every 6,000 miles. A good rule of thumb is to rotate your tires during every other oil change appointment. Discount Brake & Auto Repair can do both in our auto body shop in Conroe, TX. Failing to rotate your tires regularly will leave them vulnerable to premature wear and tear that could affect your handling and safety. Allowing your tires to wear evenly will maximize their lifespan.

How Often Should I Have My Brakes Checked?

Among the many benefits of brakes is their ability to signal their need for service. If you ever notice your brakes squealing or slipping, you should immediately bring your vehicle to us for an inspection. Your brakes are arguably the most important safety features on your car, so you do not want to delay brake maintenance. Signs you may need brake repairs include:

  • Grinding brakes
  • Loud or squealing brakes
  • Spongy-feeling brake pedal
  • Shaking steering wheel
  • Veering in one direction when pressing brakes
  • Wobbling vehicle at highway speeds
Do I Really Need to Replace My Timing Belt Regularly?

Yes. A timing belt should be replaced as frequently as every 60,000 miles. The timing belt ensures synchronization of your engine’s camshaft and crankshaft. Typically, timing belts do not fail gradually. Your timing belt could be fine one day and broken the next. It is important to take preventative measures to ensure you are safe. Without a properly functioning timing belt, your engine will immediately stop or lose significant power and necessitate costly repairs.

How Do I Ensure My Battery Has A Good Connection?

Our mechanics will inspect your battery for any corrosion, dirt buildup, or rust. Any of these factors could signify a poor electrical connection or damaged battery. We will cover and secure your terminals to prevent such issues and clean them as necessary.

How Often Should I Change My Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are vital to ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and peak engine performance. We recommend changing your spark plugs every 30 months or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is a quick auto maintenance task that we can perform when you visit us for other maintenance issues, such as oil changes or tire rotations.

Contact Discount Brake & Auto Repair Today

We know you want your vehicle to perform its best at all times. To help guarantee that happens, you need regular auto maintenance services from the professionals at Discount Brake & Auto Repair. We proudly serve vehicle owners from Conroe, Willis, Houston, The Woodlands, Magnolia, and Montgomery, TX, as well as the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.