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Comprehensive Brake Repair Services in Conroe, TX

At Discount Brake & Auto Repair, we want our Conroe, TX customers to understand the signs and symptoms associated with a vehicle that requires brake repair. If you’ve begun noticing a change in how your car normally brakes, strange noises, or an unexplained odor, it is likely that your vehicle is experiencing brake issues. Our team of knowledgeable mechanics can perform brake repair services to quickly diagnose the problem so you can get back on the road safely.

Don’t let brake issues be an out of sight, out of mind problem. There are many signs and symptoms that your vehicle may require brake service. The team at Discount Brake & Auto Repair has put together a list of the most common indications that your brakes need some extra attention. Keep reading to learn more about how you can recognize when your car needs a brake job.

A Brake Light Alert Shows Up on Your Dashboard

The most obvious and helpful sign that your car needs brake repair is the warning light that pops up on your dashboard. Your vehicle’s braking system will include two warning lights, a red handbrake light, and an orange ABS light. If either one or both of these illuminate, you’ll need to take your vehicle to our brake shop for brake repair service.

You Notice A Grinding Sound Under Your Brakes

If you hear a grinding sound when you press your foot down on the pedal, it could be an indication of worn brake pads or rust build-up around the brake shoes or drum surfaces of your rear drum brakes. These problems can become dangerous quickly if not adequately addressed by a seasoned mechanic, resulting in complete brake failure.

On the other hand, it could be something as simple as a stone caught in your braking system’s caliper, which is reasonably easy to fix and is not as much of a safety issue. Either way, Discount Brake & Auto Repair can take a look and accurately find the reason behind the consistent grinding sound.

There Is A Distinct Squealing Sound When Braking

If your car requires brake repairs, it will let you know. Squealing is an indication that your caliper pads and brake shoes need to be changed. However, it’s not ideal to wait until your car is squealing at you to seek brake repair. At Discount Brake & Auto Repair, we encourage our Conroe, TX customers to have their brake pads changed every time their car is serviced. This way, we can address the problem before it becomes more severe and expensive to rectify.

You Feel Wobbling or Vibrating When Braking

Among the most common indications that your vehicle requires a thorough brake job are vibrations in the steering wheel or a wobbling sensation when pressing down on the brake pedal. These are often the result of a brake rotor that has come out of alignment with the wheel or a sign that the front calipers aren’t detaching themselves from the rotor correctly. Though vibrations will not affect your braking system’s efficiency, they could indicate a more serious underlying issue. We recommend reaching out to professionals for brake service so that you do not have to deal with higher brake repair costs down the road.

Your Brake Pedal Feels Loose or Lighter Than Normal

If your brake has a spongy feeling when you press your foot down on it, or it pushes all the way down with more ease than usual, you could have a brake fluid leak. This will require brake repair because the brake system relies on a pressurized hydraulic fluid to work correctly. For your safety, this type of leak will need to be addressed by professionals immediately. If you suspect a leak, bring your car to Discount Brake & Auto Repair right away to receive a comprehensive brake job.

You Notice A Sharp, Chemical Smell After Hard Braking

If you notice a burning smell after you’ve done a lot of hard braking, it could indicate that the brake fluid in your vehicle’s calipers and cylinders has reached a boiling point. Though many times people confuse this burning smell with an overheated engine, you will know it is brake-related if it has a sharp, chemical smell to it rather than the smokier smell that comes from engine troubles. If you notice this pungent boiling smell while driving, pull over immediately. Your brakes will likely stop working if the brake fluid becomes too hot because they will no longer be able to effectively transform kinetic energy into heat energy through friction.

Your Car Pulls To The Right or Left When Braking

Another common indication that you need to take your vehicle to a reliable brake shop like Discount Brake & Auto Repair is if it is constantly veering to the left or right when you press on the brake pedal. This is a sign that there is a problem with one of the front two brakes, such as a brake fluid issue or a misaligned rotor. Though this is not a significant problem, brake pull issues may be enough to cause an accident and could potentially lead to premature component damage. Don’t risk your safety when this is an easily fixable brake repair! The pro mechanics at Discount Brake & Auto Repair can perform brake service so you can drive confidently once again!

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