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Reliable & Affordable Brake Services

There’s no scarier feeling than putting your foot down on the brake pedal only to have it drop to the floor. Your brakes are the most critical component of your vehicle regarding safety. You can count on Discount Brake & Auto Repair to provide expert brake repair services in Conroe, TX. Every time you drive your car, you trust your life to the quality of your brakes. That’s why it’s so critical to keep up with preventative maintenance. Just because your brakes still work “a little bit” doesn’t mean you should delay having them repaired. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Avoiding brake repair could result in a serious accident and costly brake replacement service. Discount Brake & Auto Repair will make sure you are driving with safe, effective brakes. Call today for more information.

The Importance of Brake Repairs

Fully functioning brakes are vital for safe driving. Making sure your brakes are tuned for optimal stopping power is crucial to your safety on the road. Everyone has to slam on their brakes at some point in time. When that moment happens, you want to know that your car’s brake system will work exactly the way it should. When you bring your vehicle to Discount Brake & Auto Repair, you’re trusting our expert technicians to maintain your brakes and ensure they’re functioning perfectly. Our team is certified and trained to work with brake pads, replacements, rotor replacement, cylinder work, and full brake system installations. Ensuring your brakes are working correctly will keep you and other drivers safe and save you money on more significant repairs in the future.

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Indicators Your Brakes May be Having Issues

Brake problems typically have well-known signs to indicate you need repair work immediately. A shaky steering wheel or a squeaky sound means you should bring your vehicle to us right away. There are other, less obvious signs that your brakes need attention, including:

  • Spongy brake pedal or one that presses farther to the floor than normal
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right while braking
  • Strange noises or vibrations while braking
  • Grinding, squealing, or squeaking noises
  • Vehicle pulsating or wobbling when driving at highway speeds
  • Brake warning light on the dashboard
  • Vehicle requiring longer stopping distances than normal
  • Brake pedal responds slowly or requires excess pressure

Our Brake Assessment Process

When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, you need experts you can trust. Our team of mechanics will thoroughly assess your brake system before we perform maintenance or repairs. Our comprehensive brake inspection includes the following:

  • Measuring pad thickness and brake function
  • Inspecting brake fluid levels and checking for leaks
  • Determining if rotors and drums need resurfacing or replacement
  • Checking wheel cylinders for function
  • Inspecting brake hardware for wear and tear
  • Checking brake hoses for common problems
Comprehensive Brake Repair Services

Our team of mechanics and technicians specializes in all areas of brake repair and maintenance. The truth is that brakes are designed to wear out. Worn brake pads are common because those pads rub on the brake disk to stop your vehicle. Our full brake inspection will allow us to find underlying problems and determine what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. The most common repair job is replacing brake pads. But that’s just one area we specialize in. Based on the results of the braking system evaluation, our team may also perform brake repair services such as:

  • Brake rotors and drums resurfacing
  • Brake fluid flushing and replacement
  • Brake caliper and rotor re-alignment and replacement
  • Brake hose and master cylinder replacement
Choose Discount Brakes & Auto Repair

Your car’s brakes keep you and your family safe behind the wheel. For that reason, brake parts and services are not something you want to skimp on. Our team understands the importance of reducing expenses. We aim to provide cost-effective brake solutions. Because we care about the safety of our customers, we’re proud to offer free brake inspections. We don’t want you driving around with bad brakes. We also don’t think you should have to pay just to find out if you have bad brakes. As a family-owned and -operated business for over 30 years, we put your safety and satisfaction first. We believe that all of our customers should have peace of mind when driving their vehicles. Bring your car or truck into Discount Brake & Auto Repair for certified technicians with years of experience providing Conroe, TX with quality brake repair and installations.

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