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Have Your Brakes Serviced in Conroe, TX

At Discount Brake & Auto Repair, we make sure you are driving with safe, effective brakes in Conroe, TX. There’s no worse feeling while driving than putting your foot down on the brake pedal and having it drop to the floor. Your brakes are among the most important component of your vehicle when it comes to safety. Every time you drive your car, you subconsciously put your trust in the quality of your brakes. That’s why it is crucial to keep up with their preventative maintenance on their brakes. Don’t delay repairing your brakes because they still work “a little bit.” Protect your car and your life by calling on the brake professionals at Discount Brake & Auto Repair today!

The Signs & Symptoms of Brake Issues

Knowing the signs and symptoms of brake problems can safeguard you from having to deal with severe consequences down the road. Waiting to address any issues with your brakes will only lead to more expensive repairs and replacements or unfortunate injuries to you or other drivers. To avoid any potentially dangerous situations, here are some of the most common signs and symptoms that your vehicle may require a brake change:

  • A brake light alert shows up on your dashboard
  • You begin noticing a grinding sound when you brake
  • There is a distinct squealing sound when braking
  • You feel wobbling or vibrations when braking
  • Your brake pedal feels loose or lighter than normal
  • You notice a sharp, chemical smell after hard braking
  • Your car pulls to the right or left when braking

Brake Inspection

At Discount Brake & Auto Repair, we care about the safety of our customers, which is why we proudly offer free brake inspections. We don’t want you driving around with bad brakes, and we don’t think you should have to pay just to know if you have bad brakes, either! As a family-owned and -operated business, we always put the safety and satisfaction of our customers first. We believe that all of our Texan neighbors should have peace of mind when driving their vehicles. Bring your car or truck into Discount Brake & Auto Repair and put your trust in certified professionals. Our technicians have years of experience providing Conroe, TX, and the surrounding areas with quality brake check, repair, and installation services, and we can’t wait to help you as well!

Brake Pads

If your vehicle isn’t braking like it once did and you haven’t had your brakes checked in over 40,000 miles, it’s probably time to change your brake pads. Routinely replacing your brake pads is a critical aspect of properly maintaining your vehicle and taking care of your brakes. Worn out brake pads will often struggle to stop your car and can even damage your rotor. You can put a stop to potential damage by investing in new brake pads through Discount Brake & Auto Repair. Our ASE-certified technicians can answer any questions you may have about your brakes.


When your brakes begin to fail, it isn’t always enough to merely change your old brake pads. New brake pads and car brakes may not make a bit of difference in improving your braking quality unless you have adequate rotors to grab onto. It takes a certain amount of friction between the pads and the rotors to bring your vehicle to a stop, and this constant friction can warp rotors over time. The more damaged your rotors become, the less easy it will be for your vehicle to efficiently brake.

Brake Calipers

When it is time to brake, calipers are responsible for taking in brake fluid and effectively pushing your vehicle’s brake pads against the rotor. Their job is crucial to slowing the wheels of the car so you can come to a quick stop. Over time, it is common for brake calipers to develop leaks or problems with their pistons, causing premature wear and tear. If brake fluid starts leaking from the piston seal, your vehicle’s brakes may stop working altogether. The team at Discount Brake & Auto Repair can take a look at your braking system and diagnose any issues it may be experiencing.

Brake Boosters

Having efficient brake boosters ensures that when you push down on your brakes, your vehicle will stop immediately. When it doesn’t, and your pedal feels much heavier than usual, it’s likely time to replace your brake boosters. A failed brake booster can cause damage to your vehicle and may result in a collision. We can help you determine if your car requires new brake boosters and what type you’ll need. These new additions to your braking system will allow you to stop faster and with more confidence.

Brake Bleeding

Bleeding your vehicle’s brakes is a standard maintenance procedure that is done to ensure safe operation. Over time, severely worn brake pads can allow air into your braking system, which can make it difficult for your vehicle to brake efficiently. Purging this extra air ensures that your vehicle’s brakes are in like-new condition. Our team of trained professionals can bleed your vehicle’s brakes and ensure your brake pads are in excellent condition, so you do not run into this problem again in the near future.

Hydraulic Units

Many modern auto-braking systems are reliant on the power of hydraulics. When your foot pushes down on your vehicle’s brake pedal, a piston rod is forced into the master cylinder, which increases the pressure of fluid inside the entire hydraulic unit. As with all hydraulic systems, it is common for fluid leaking to cause problems. If you suspect that your unit is leaking, call us right away so we can inspect your vehicle. If you have no stopping power, your safety and the safety of other drivers will be compromised. We’ll identify what has gone wrong with your unit and find the solutions to fix it.

Contact Discount Brake & Auto Repair for All Your Brake Needs

Are you a Conroe, TX resident having issues with your brakes? Let the team at Discount Brake & Auto Repair diagnose and fix the problem so you can brake confidently again. Contact our brake shop today to have your brakes checked by a team of local mechanics you can trust, or visit our Brake Repair FAQ Page to learn more about why comprehensive brake service is necessary for your safety.

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