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Steering and Suspension Repairs in Conroe, TX

Making sure your car’s steering and suspension system is properly functioning isn’t just for comfort. While it’s ideal that your ride is smooth while you cruise to work, your car’s handling is important for safety as well. Over time, your car’s struts, shocks, and springs deteriorate, causing for a bumpy and bouncy ride. Suspension deterioration is often a slow process that you may not even notice. While rough or off-road driving weakens them faster, all suspension systems and their parts need maintenance and replacing eventually. If your vehicle is no longer giving you that, new-car ride, bring it to Discount Brake & Auto Repair for auto suspension repair in Conroe, TX.

Safety Meets Performance with Maintained Suspension

Your car’s suspension directly affects performance and handling. If a car pulls out in front of you, causing you to swerve to avoid them, you’re relying on your car’s suspension to do its job. As an integral part of your car’s suspension, struts and springs help keep your car’s center of gravity balanced. Without this system working, your car may not be able to turn and corner properly. This is one of many examples of how suspension works more than just keeping you comfortable. Most vehicles require suspension maintenance or replacement about every 50,000 miles. If you’ve noticed your car bouncing excessively while going over bumps, similar to being on a boat, your shocks or struts (whichever your car has) may be shot and need replacing. After bringing your car into Discount Brake & Auto Repair, you’ll notice the improvement like night and day!

Professional Power Steering Repair

Power steering is another basic function of our cars that most of us take for granted. Just like all mechanical parts of your vehicle, power steering requires routine maintenance. If you’ve noticed a loud grinding or rattling sound when turning your steering wheel, you may have an issue with your power steering. Similarly, if it becomes difficult to steer, requiring a significant amount of force to turn the wheel, bring it into Discount Brake & Auto Repair.

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