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Auto Electrical Repair in Conroe, TX

While automobiles have numerous mechanical parts, they also have a number of electrical parts that they can’t function without. If your vehicle is failing or just struggling to start, bring it to Discount Brake & Auto Repair for auto electrical repair in Conroe, TX. Our expert ASE-certified technicians fully diagnose your vehicle’s problems, and come up with the solutions you need to get back on the road again.

Get Started with Auto Starter Repair

Every part of your vehicle’s electrical system is essential to its survival. The starter gives your engine the necessary push to get going and without it you won’t be moving anywhere. While this simple part may only come into use when you start your car, it is one of the most vital. If your vehicle isn’t starting as it should, rely on our experienced mechanics for auto starter repair service. When we are finished, your engine is going to crank like new again.

Charging Battery in Conroe, TX

We Check & Replace Car Batteries

If you were asked what are the most important parts of a car, batteries probably wouldn’t be high on the list, but in actuality they are extremely vital to your car’s performance. Your battery is responsible for powering all of the electric components of your vehicle, big and small. Here are a few examples of what your battery powers:

• Automatic Locks
• Automatic Windows
• Starter
• Headlights
The most important function of the battery is powering the starter, because once the car is running, it uses the alternator to get its power, and the battery is just a container to store the power in. Without a battery though, your starter can’t function and the alternator won’t be able to create the power it needs. Your battery should be checked periodically, and if it is needed we will recommend and supply a quality battery that fits your needs.

We Solve Problems with Auto Alternators

Your alternator is at the core of your vehicle’s electrical system. If it stops working, you won’t be able to drive for very long. While your battery is what sends the power to start the engine, the engine turns the alternator to create the electricity that powers the whole car. The battery just stores the energy the alternator creates. If you notice that your battery keeps dying, it could actually be because of a bad alternator. Trust us for troubleshooting and fixing any of your auto alternator’s problems.

For more than 30 years we have been trusted for auto electrical repair in the area. Our professional technicians have years of experience, and know how to properly diagnose and fix your vehicle’s problems. Trust in us to keep you on the road.

Contact us for all of your car’s electrical problems. We serve Conroe, Houston, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, Texas, and the surrounding areas.