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Auto AC Maintenance in Conroe, TX

It is easy to take your vehicle’s AC system for granted. During the sweltering summers you expect your AC to give you an immediate reprieve from the heat. However, without proper auto AC maintenance in Conroe, TX, you may find the next time you turn on the AC you are blasted with warm air instead of enveloped by the comfort you expect. Discount Brake & Auto Repair is the company to trust for auto ac repair and maintenance. We make sure that your car or truck stays perfectly climate controlled during the frigid winters and the scorching summers.

With a complex system like your vehicle’s air conditioning, we recommend you take your car to those who have long-time experience diagnosing and fixing any issues. Our AC specialists ensure that your cooling system is functioning properly with our efficient and effective repairs.

Keep Cool with Our Auto AC Repair

Our ASE-certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to keep you cool year-round. Preventative maintenance is the most ideal, but we are skilled at auto AC repair if your system is beyond the help of basic maintenance. To avoid costly repairs it is best to have us check your vehicle’s AC yearly. We catch the problems before they start, and possibly save you from having to buy a new compressor. Your air conditioner contains many parts, and we are skilled in working on all of the following:

• Dryer
• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Compressor
• Receiver
• Refrigerant
• Expansion Valve
Testing AC Power in Conroe, TX

Keep the Winter at Bay with Our Auto Heating Repair

During the winter your vehicle’s heater is crucial to your comfort. It turns a miserable commute into a pleasant one. If your heater has stopped working as well as it used to, let us take a look at it. There are many reasons that it could stop working, such as low antifreeze, a bad blower fan, or a bad thermostat just to name a few. Bring in your car for us to diagnose the problem and help you resolve it. We are experts at auto heating repair.

Come to Us for Auto Heating and Cooling Repair

For more than 30 years we have been the shop people in the area trust for auto heating and cooling repair. If your car’s AC or heater starts to go out, we are the ones to bring it to. We know how important having a climate-controlled vehicle is to you. Let us restore your comfort again.

Contact us to take care of all of your AC and heating problems. We serve Conroe, Houston, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, Texas, and the surrounding areas.